WHEREAS we believe that political goals are best achieved via cooperative and collaborative partnerships between the Caucus and Grassroots;

WHEREAS communication between partners is a key to efficiency, team building and vision casting;

WHEREAS electing a GOP candidate does not mean he then belongs to the Caucus alone to do with as it pleases without consideration of others who helped elect him;

WHEREAS the Caucus desires Grassroots support during elections: to volunteer, donate and campaign for candidates;

WHEREAS the Caucus places a high value on keeping seats it is entrusted with;

WHEREAS it seems unwise to work to elect Republicans if we will not work to keep them;

WHEREAS primary and general elections are where the Caucus should focus efforts to remove Republicans, except under the most grievous of circumstances;

and, WHEREAS we recognize our enemy is the Democrat Party and their allies as opposed to our allies with whom we may occasionally disagree;

we, the undersigned request the TN GOP Caucus cease efforts to enact redistricting plans requiring the automatic loss of GOP incumbents, including plans pitting two incumbents against each other in a primary.

We worked hard to seat these incumbents and oppose any Caucus plan to unseat them.

If the Caucus believes such plans to be the best and wisest course, we ask they immediately explain why along with an accounting of alternate options which were considered, and rejected along with the reasons for that rejection.

We do not ask in a spirit of defiance or challenge. We ask in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration recognizing all our contributions are valuable and necessary for success. This seems a reasonable request among allies.

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Ken Marrero, Hermitage, Davidson

Barbara Sturgeon, Franklin, Williamson

xxxxxxxx, Tusculum, Greene

Jake Robinson, Murfreesboro, Rutherford

Jason R. White, LaVergne, Rutherford

Ann Calabria, Lebanon, TN

Rob Vail, Lebanon, Wilson

Dave Vance, Big Rock, Stewart

Robin Ray, Pegram, Cheatham

xxxxxxxx, Franklin, Williamson

Katherine Hudgins, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

regina griffith, lynchburg, moore

Susan Coyner, Murfreesboro, Rutherford

xxxxxxxx, Nashville, Davidson

Janet Arnold, Goodlettsville, Sumner

Barbara Ward, Murfreesboro, TN

James R. Proud, Sevierville, Sevier

Dale Ward, Murfreesboro, TN

Gregory Johnson, Brentwood, Williamson

xxxxxxxx, Kingston Springs, TN

Chris Beach, Murfreesboro , Rutherford

Ruth Fennell, Gallatin, Sumner

Morton A. Goldberg, DVM, Lebanon, Wilson

Eric Stamper, Hendersonville, Sumner

Susan Redmond, Murfreesboro, Rutherford

James Arnold, Goodlettsville, Sumner

Jim Sandman, Lascassas, Rutherford

xxxxxxxx, Goodlettsville, Sumner

Arlene Cunningham, Hendersonville, Sumner

Mishelle perkins, Murfreesboro, Rutherford

Donovan Ames, Hendersonville, TN

Kara Arnold, Nashville , Davidson

Sally Absher, Knoxville, Knox

J.J. Holloway, Nashville, Davidson

Wayne Leeper, Lebanon, Wilson

Janiece Hamblen, Gallatin, Sumner

Gay Knight, Greenbrier, Robertson

Bev Maurer, Christiana, Rutherford

Kurt Potter, Murfreesboro, Rutherford

xxxxxxxx, go9dlettsville, sumner

dana langford, nashville, davidson

Lynn Moss, Cordova, Shelby

Jeff Cheyne, Gallatin, Sumner

xxxxxxxx, Murfreesboro, Rutherford


Quinn Moore, Greenbrier, Robertson

Michael DelGiorno, Nashville, Davidson

Kevin Smokowski, Hendersonville, Sumner

r.m. bisonet, murfreesboro, rutherford

xxxxxxxx, Gallatin, Sumner

DONNA EYMAN, Shelbyville, Bedford

Robert Swank, Hendersonville, Sumner

James H. Egan, Hendersonville, Sumner

Christine Michaelson, Hendersonville, Sumner

Richard Swink, Springfield, Robertson

xxxxxxxx, Somerville, Fayette

kay clark, Hendersonville, Sumner

CC Smith, Jr., Mt. Juliet, Wilson

Josh Williams, Lebanon, Wilson

xxxxxxxx, Lebanon, Smith

Sherry Ferguson, Lewisburg, Marshall

Andrew Anderson, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Natasha Hampton, Hendersonville, Sumner

Iris Rudder, Winchester, Franklin

xxxxxxxx, Nashville, Davidson

Jeff and Lynn Michel, Hendersonville, TN

Duncan Weddington, Winchester,

Charles Jackson, Gallatin, Sumner

bryan baskin, lavergne, rutherford

James Bowman, Smyrna, Rutherford

xxxxxxxx, Murfreesboro, Rutherford

xxxxxxxx, ,

Jerry W Michaelson, Hendersonville, Sumner

Archie Hampton, Hendersonville, Sumner

Ann Rausch, Coopertown, Robertson

janice bowling, tullahoma, coffee

K.D.Cowan, Winchester,, Franklin

Douglas H Pessoni, Hendersonville, Sumner

Kent Davis, Franklin, Williamson

Dale Stewart, Winchester,

Dana Limbaugh, Decherd, Franklin

Donald E. Rutledge, Pulaski, Giles

Billy Queen, Jonesborough, washington

Jennie W. Cowan, Winchester, Franklin

Andy Knapper, Belvidere, Franklin

Kimberly Moffitt, Springfield, Robertson

Carol Medley, Winchester, Franklin

Mike Hart, Estill Springs, Franklin

xxxxxxxx, Fairview, Williamson

Carole Mohr, Manchester, Coffee

Rob Huddleston, Maryville, Blount

Randi Brooks, Goodlettsville, Sumner

LAURIE LONG, lebanon, TN

Drucilla White, Cordova, Shelby

Wells Sommer, Rutledge, Grainger

Mary Stimek, Old Hickory, Wilson

xxxxxxxx, Goodlettsville, Davidson

Bonnie Gloth, Brentwood, Williamson


Beverly Knight, Antioch, Davidson

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Gwyn Guess, Memphis, Shelby

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