Brings Music, Message & Marriage to Nashville

I’m excited. My friends Brett and Erin Barry, founders of Inseparable Lives, are bringing their own brand of humor, creativity, wisdom and insight in the area of Marriage to Nashville on Saturday night, September 14th. The event, which I’m unofficially calling Music, Message & Marriage is a concert and some teaching all rolled into two [...]

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… Wherein Chip Saltsman Insults Everyone While Leaving Joe Carr’s Campaign

When TN State Representative Joe Carr announced he was leaving the TN-04 US House race to challenge Lamar Alexander for the US Senate, everyone understood there would be changes. WTN 99.7 host, Ralph Bristol, asked Carr how his staff had been impacted; how many of them were staying on? Carr noted his current campaign manager [...]

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Bad Judicial Ruling Says Child Can’t be Named “Messiah”

Yahoo News Service is reporting on a Tennessee story broken by Knoxville’s WBIR-TV Channel 10.  In Newport, TN Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew ruled that a 7 month old child’s name be changed from “Messiah” to “Martin.“ The child’s parents were in court because they could not agree on a last name for their son. [...]

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Warrantless Vaginal Searches – Are We Living in a Post Constitutional America?

I’m not purposely trying to be dramatic. Almost daily I find examples of governmental abuse that would seem to indicate we are. Key to this is to remember that our Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, lists the unalienable rights possessed by every man and bars the government from vi0lating them. Today’s example is out [...]

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Actions of Lamar Alexander’s Campaign and Supporters Raise Questions – UPDATED

Update – 8-9-13 @ 13:02 – Added link to emails acquired by News Channel 5′s Ben Hall. Update – 8-9-13 @ 07:30 – As story spreads on web, started aggregating related links at end of post. At issue is a proposed exhibit about Senator Alexander originally scheduled to be displayed at various locations around Tennessee [...]

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TN Soldier, SGT Stephen New, Killed by Gunfire in Afghanistan – RIP

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Many-Bears Grinder regretfully announce the loss of Tennessee soldier Sergeant Stephen Michael New of Bartlett.  New has been posthumously promoted to Staff Sergeant. New was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Jackson, Mississippi but deployed with 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) out [...]

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Self Identified “Republicans” Like Geraldo Not Helping with Their Minimum Wage Opinions

Geraldo Rivera filled in for a vacationing Nashville, TN radio host Michael DelGiorno today. Actually, the station simply ran Geraldo’s feed in the time slot in question. To say there is a difference between NY Republicans and TN Republicans would be an understatement. Geraldo got on a rant wherein he espoused his belief in and [...]

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Obama Claims Vietnamese Communist Ho Chi Minh was “Inspired by the Words of Thomas Jefferson”

Last week the president of Viet Nam, Truong Tan Sang, visited US President Obama. One would think Sang’s presence in the Oval Office would be the closest the Communist would get to Thomas Jefferson, the author of America’s Declaration of Independence. You’d be wrong. In what will surely go down as another in a long line [...]

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NatGeo’s Gritty New Show, “Eyewitness War”

Even as the war in Afghanistan begins its draw down in accordance with President Obama’s announced withdrawal, interest in what our Warriors have done over there remains high. Embedded journalists in Iraq and Afghanistan have satisfied that interest for a decade. Still, the real picture of what it is like on the front lines, from [...]

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The Progressive Left is After Wal-Mart and Minimum Wages Again; This Time in DC

Lawmakers like Washing DC Democratic Councilman-at-Large Vincent Orange are pushing a new law in Washington, DC. What it does is require non-union retailers with more than $1B in annual revenues and with stores larger than 75,000 square feet to pay a $12.50 hourly minimum wage. This is $4.25 an hour more than the city’s already mandated [...]

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