Reflecting on the Fiscal Cliff, various reforms being contemplated in our nation’s capitol and looking ahead to the upcoming Tennessee General Assembly’s 2013 legislative session – I’m reminded of Ronald Reagan’s words:

The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so …

This scathing indictment of Liberal thought ought to be repeated over and over – with examples – lest we forget the dangers that the arrogance and ignorance on the political Left bring to the table.

Whether it be the Fiscal Cliff, Gun Control, Healthcare Reform or any other of the myriad policy decisions our nation faces; the odds are good that the Liberals won’t just be wrong, they’ll be demonstrably wrong.

The example that comes to mind is the 2002 discussion, here in Tennessee, of whether or not to implement a state income tax.

At the time, proponents of the income tax charged that without one, Tennessee faced almost insurmountable problems. Millions of dollars would have to be cut from Education, Tourism and Economic Development. Additionally, thousands would face cuts to health care benefits.

The income tax was narrowly defeated. None of the horror stories bemoaned by Liberals came to pass. None …

In the other direction, and across the nation, Conservative voices have said that irresponsible spending increases to provide goods and services to people because someone thinks doing so is a good idea to get votes would lead to disaster. Those predictions were of bankrupt cities, states and countries; unsustainable spending levels without the need for burdensome taxation and a host of other destructive fiscal policy options.

Were the Conservative voices more accurate than their Liberal counterparts in their predictions? One need only look at California, Illinois, Greece and a host of other examples to find they were.

Remember this when Liberals begin to scream about what we must do for the country, the poor, the middle class, for American families, for the little guy or whoever is their example for their “plight of the day” story in their quest to not waste the current financial crisis.

Remember that it really doesn’t matter what the subject matter is: taxation issues; social issues, 2nd amendment issues and on and on and on. Liberals wail about the misery that is to come if their policies are not enacted. They cannot show much success in their prognostications.

Conservatives stand and tell the truth about bad policy. Over and over again, they are shown to be right. The sky doesn’t fall, people aren’t starving, services haven’t ended and the economy isn’t ruined. Quite the opposite, in fact. Where Conservative policy is enacted, prosperity increases despite lower taxes, service quality is up and the need for it is down, fewer folks are a drain on the state while more are contributing to its health and prosperity.

At some point, the regular citizens of Tennessee and the rest of the country will have to realize this truth. Liberal policies are both wrong and dangerous. This is not simply an opinion. It is demonstrable. Conservative policies are correct and beneficial. This, too, is not merely an opinion. It, too, is demonstrable.

Not that I expect the Left to give up their hysterical claims to the contrary. But I do expect reasonable and intelligent people to examine them and reject them as so many of their fellows have done.