Last week, as activists around the state were taking to Twitter, FaceBook, blogs and other forms of media to blast Senator Corker for failing to support our Constitution, 2nd Amendment rights and self defense and saying he was supporting the UN Small Arms Treaty (UNSAT), I wrote a piece titled, Bob Corker’s Detractors Wrong on UN Small Arms Treaty, Too.

I reported and linked to the story that, despite all the furor in the field, not only had Senator Corker not ever supported UNSAT, he had been on record as having opposed it for over a year having signed a letter with 43 other Senators in July of 2011 opposing it.

Amazingly, rather than discover and realize they had been wrong in their depiction of Senator Corker’s position, people continued to try to pillory the Senator for being right and for being correct by complaining that the Senator had inadequately promoted his position. When they called his office they were told where he stood. Many chose to believe reports that confused Corker’s stand on separate issues. I reported on, and linked to, a bluntly worded letter from over 40 Senators clearly stating their opposition to UNSAT. Not sure how much clearer one can be than that, but whatever …

That was July of 2011. Fast forward to July, 2012.

This morning, Senator Moran of Kansas, who drafted the letter signed last July, released another letter stating his opposition to UNSAT. This one was signed by 50 additional Senators, an increase of 7 over last years letter. Bob Corker signed last year’s letter. Senator Corker signed this year’s letter as well.

One hopes this will put to rest, once and for all, idle and incorrect speculation as to Corker’s position. Further, these things are not done overnight. Clearly this has been in the works for weeks. Which means that not only were Corker’s critics wrong on this but, while they were boldly proclaiming their error, Corker was quietly and intentionally working to protect America and Americans from UNSAT – just like he always has.

One hopes a couple of other things. One hopes Tennessee activists really are interested in the policies and positions of their elected officials. One hopes that what they are after is good governance and the right decisions by those officials. One hopes they are not driven by narrow minded, ideological bigotry of their own.

How will we know? Simple …

I’ll be watching my Inbox over the next couple of days. I’ll be looking for emails from activists and organizations around the state praising and thanking Senator Corker for his support for our Constitution, 2nd Amendment rights and self defense. I’ll be looking for emails asking why the other 49 Senators haven’t signed on to the letter like Corker has. I’ll be waiting to hear from Senator Corker’s office that he has received calls and correspondence thanking him for his position.

Politics isn’t particularly hard. It’s pretty much like the rest of life. You live your life, stake your positions, encourage and assist your friends and seek to protect yourself from those who would do you harm. You realize you aren’t perfect and extend that same courtesy to family, friends and allies. You spend more time helping your allies than you do disparaging your opposition.

One day, you wake up and realize that you have more allies and friends than you know what to do with and that you have been effective and made more changes together than you ever could have dreamed by throwing rocks at the glass houses of others.

Bluntly, if you appreciate Senator Corker’s position on UNSAT, say so. Tell your friends and family. Tweet about it. FaceBook it. Blog about it. Most importantly, call or write the Senator and tell him “Thanks!”; thanks for standing up against those who would endanger America and her interests and the rights of her citizens, thanks for representing your views, thanks for doing the right thing. Tell him that you are going on the record thanking him for going on the record with the right decision.

It’s good activism. More than that, it’s common courtesy. I know he’ll appreciate it. Chances are, it’ll make you feel a little warm inside, too.