This year we have a chance to make Tennessee’s congressional delegation eight Republicans to one Democrat.

In the 5th Congressional race there is actually a Republican who could take on and take down Democrat incumbent Jim Cooper. Nashville businessman Brad Staats is that candidate.

Brad has the right ideas and the right appeal to make him electable in such a heavily Democrat district. The lack of popularity of Barack Obama in Tennessee coupled with Jim Cooper’s practically lockstep voting record with the president makes the 5th District a potential Republican pick-up. There are other good candidates in the race and I feel that some of them would make a fine representative, but the first consideration after examining someone’s convictions is to determine whether they can actually get elected. Brad is a conservative with an organization, funding, and a plan. That is why I am supporting Brad Staats for the Republican nomination in the 5th Congressional District.

Please check out his website here and his FaceBook page and Twitter account.