As the father of a son deploying later this year for his second tour in Afghanistan, I respect and honor Tim Thompson’s Marine Corps service. Few things speak more loudly to me than a man’s uniformed service to his country.

But serving one’s country does not legitimize political opinions. Tim’s story on his experience at the polls is touching. He’s still wrong about Voter ID laws. Voter ID laws don’t threaten the right of any American to vote.

No one is kept from voting due to not having a  photo ID. A person may, as Thompson did, refuse to show his valid ID choose not to vote. But no one prevented Tim from voting. He chose not to. Not a single person will be turned away.

During early voting, 47 of the over 200,000 voters who turned out didn’t have a photo ID. What was done for them is what will be done for all people who turn up at the polls to vote without a valid photo ID. They were given a provisional ballot and they then have two business days following the election to bring a valid photo ID back to the election commission. As long as they do, their votes will be counted.

The upside to this is that we will know exactly how many instances of potential problems there are, who is involved and how it is resolved. Nothing will be anecdotal. Nothing will be hearsay. We will know what elections might be impacted and everything can be handled in the light of day, not the dead of night. There won’t be any claims of problems that there isn’t a paper trail to follow to verify in detail from start to finish.

Voter ID laws ensure that every vote cast is a legitimate vote. That is what Thompson really fought for; not just every man’s right to vote but the integrity of the entire system. I respect Tim’s personal choice not to cast a vote.  But if he had, our Voter ID law would make sure his vote, and all others cast, were legitimate.

Some try to circumvent our system of “One American, one vote!” by casting multiple fraudulent votes. To the extent they are successful, they are the enemies Thompson fought against. They are the ones threatening the voting rights of Americans.

If all it takes to neutralize that threat is showing a driver’s license, Thompson should support the new law, not protest it. Things like truth, defending the Constitution against all enemies and the rights of individuals are what Marines have bled and died for for over 200 years. Voter ID laws are in compliance with the values of the Corps on this one.

Tim, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your service to our nation. Please continue that selfless protection of the rights of others by giving up your opposition to Voter ID laws. Remaining where you are only hurts those you are wanting to protect.


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