This morning on WWTN’s The Michael DelGiorno Show, Gerard Donovan, a local businessman, announced he was challenging Jim Cooper for the 5th District’s seat in the US House of Representatives.

Applauding Cooper’s public service, Donovan nevertheless observed Cooper was a professional politician, out of touch with the everyday working families in Middle Tennessee. Pointing to his own life and experience – he has worked in a steel mill, cleaned toilets in the Salvation Army, served in the Marine Corps and fed his family by starting a business with all the attendant risks and rewards, Donovan’s argument is that he is more in tune with the average 5th District citizen than the man currently entrusted with “representing” them.

Asked to identify the issues he believed to be most important in the 2008 race, Donovan pointed to National Security, Immigration, Taxation and the cost to America in poor choices such as outsourcing of jobs. Donovan said the most important task America faces is keeping herself safe! Once a Marine, always a Marine, Donovan called for an end to political gamesmanship with the lives and well being of our military by those using funding for those with their lives on the line to drive political agendas. Immigration, of course, also touches the Security question and, as a naturalized US citizen, born in Canada, Donovan stated the obvious – he supports legal immigration. Noting that the government’s appetite for cash represents one of the largest expenses for families and business, Donovan called for tax reform to ease the pressures from Washington on Main Street. Moving from the federal drain on citizen’s income to business’s drain on their ability to generate a larger income, he called for a stop to the outsourcing of American jobs, specifically mentioning manufacturing jobs. Manufacturing is a field Donovan knows well since the company he owns serves that industry.

Asked to talk about himself, to define himself for the voters, Donovan pointed to the three passions in his life; his faith, his family and his appreciation of the opportunity this country offers to pursue the American Dream. DelGiorno responded “Let’s see – God, Country, Family – what an ancient concept!”

At his core, Donovan said he believed our country is at a crossroads and that the future we looked forward to when we were younger are not automatically guaranteed for the generations that will follow us. Our children and grandchildren’s futures as well as our way of life cannot continue to absorb the assault they are currently enduring at that hands of professional politicians more interested in themselves than in the citizenry they are responsible to. DelGiorno noted Donovan sounded like another recently announced candidate, Fred Thompson, who DelGiorno said “Gets it!” when looking at the expanse of the tapestry that is the United States of America.

Donovan’s campaign released the following statement this morning concerning his campaign:


NASHVILLE —Local businessman John Gerard Donovan, a Republican, has announced that he will challenge Democratic Congressman James Hayes Schofner Cooper in Tennessee’s sprawling 5th Congressional District, which includes Davidson county and parts of Cheatham and Wilson counties.

“This election is about ‘paying back and paying it forward’”, said Donovan, explaining that the American Dream as we once knew it is in jeopardy and that we have the privilege and responsibility of securing our state, our country and our children’s futures. “We have been blessed in America with freedoms and opportunity like non-other in this world and if we do not secure these freedoms and protect these opportunities we are jeopardizing the very future of our children and our children’s children.”

Mr. Donovan stated that the reason he is running is that he has lost confidence in the political process on both sides of the aisle and he believes the best way to restore that confidence is to rebuild Congress. “This campaign will focus on strengthening our families, our educational systems and America’s borders”, said Donovan. “We need to remain strong and determined against crime, international terrorism, and the outsourcing of American jobs.

Mr. Donovan is a naturalized citizen, legally immigrated to the United States from Canada in the late 60’s with his mother and father. He is a Vietnam era US Marines Corps veteran and a graduate from the University of Central Florida. Donovan founded Quality Practitioners, Inc. (QPI) in 1997.

Donovan has been married to his best friend, Marti, for 15 years and has three children, Laura, Aloysius and John Thomas.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE NOTE FROM BLUE COLLAR MUSE: You will be hearing more about Gerard and his campaign in the days ahead here at BCM. Gerard is a personal friend and has asked me to assist his campaign in the areas of research, statistics and internet matters. I was honored to be asked and am proud to accept the opportunity extended to me to be a formal part of the Donovan for Congress campaign.