At long last, Fred Thompson has announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America. Many have criticized him for waiting until now to do so; many have suggested he should have been involved in more debates so the American people could find out what he believes; many more are despairing as they see the viability of their candidate slipping away now that Fred has finally declared.

Personally, I have no problem with him waiting until now to announce. It is not too late or too early. It is merely when he chose to do so. Having waited this long will not impact his ability to communicate his values and views to the voters. In fact, he was probably wise to wait this long. He has avoided much of the sniping and bile that would have been directed at him before now had he declared earlier. That he has taken the time to get his house in order and to line up his team and message before declaring speaks well of him, not ill of him. He wants to do it right.

I believe that he has. Was it worth the wait? I believe that it was. His video announcement, if nothing else, would seem to show that much. In just over 14 minutes, he outlines his vision for the country, his message for the future and his commitment to the people of the United States. See for yourself.

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I’ll be sending my first campaign donation in on payday – tomorrow. Then I just have to wait for November ’08 to pull the lever.Thinking it’s good to have something to pull the lever for as opposed to just pulling it against someone or something else …

Blue Collar Muse